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Hi! and welcome to my page!

I am Mel, I am from Argentina and moved to Europe as a young lady to pursue my dream career as a marine mammalogist and conservationist. My interest in all things scientific was there from as long as I can remember. But I wanted to become an accountant… until I travelled to Patagonia and attended a talk about killer whales – my plans were forever changed. 

I gained my Degree in Biology in Spain and my Masters and PhD in Scotland. I was fortunate to being involved in many projects and collaborating with researchers and NGOs from around the world over the years.

Currently, I divide my time between Denmark and Norway, working as a Lead Scientist in Breathing Andenes, a project funded by Innovasjon Norge. 

My love for porpoises began during my PhD and the feeling they are underappreciated led me to develop this website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



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